Payments by phone using a virtual terminal

Getting paid over the phone is simple. Using a web-based card machine called a virtual terminal, you simply enter the customer's card details. All you need is a web browser.

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coffee shop owner taking takeaway order over the phone using a virtual terminal


Accept card payments over the phone

Access the Virtual Terminal on any device with internet connection and accept payments from your customers over the phone by simply inputting their card information into the form.


You only need a web browser to get started

Taking MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) payments couldn’t be simpler. You don’t need a website or any tech skills to start, you just open the Virtual Terminal on a web browser.


PCI-DSS compliant environment

You won’t need to store sensitive card information on your own systems. We will manage payment processing for you within our PCI-DSS v3.2.1 compliant environment.

No website or coding needed

You don’t need a website or coding skills to start taking payments through a Virtual Terminal. It’s basically an online form where you input your customers’ card details when they want to pay over the phone. It can also be used if your business accepts mail orders.


Access for multiple users

With an intuative interface and range of permission levels, the Virtual Terminal can handle multiple users at once. Opening a new payments channel for your business without being restricted to one transaction at a time. It also leaves your physical card machine free for face-to-face transactions.

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How does a Virtual Terminal work?


  1. A customer can’t make it to your premises and needs to pay for their goods or service over the phone (or in some cases, mails their order to you).

  2. Start by logging into our merchant portal, where you'll find the Virtual Terminal.

  3. Enter the payment amount, customer information and debit or credit card details as prompted.

  4. Once submitted, their details are passed through our secure gateway, where the payment is processed.

  5. Use the reporting tools to track your transactions in real-time, whilst your physical card machine can be left free for face-to-face payments.

Reporting at your fingertips

Search all your transactions through our payment gateway, using the insightful reporting tools. You’ll reduce administration, simplify reconciliation and it’s also from here where you can set up over 30 instant fraud checks to improve business and customer security.

Save details for repeat customers

The Virtual Terminal also has the option to save payment details for regular or one-time transactions in the future. This makes managing payments from repeat customers a much slicker process, along with issuing rebates and refunds.

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Grow your business online 24 hours a day, with our fast and secure payment gateway. Accept online payments through your website from cards and digital wallets in 140+ currencies.

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Pay by Link

Send a unique payment link directly to your customers by email, to initiate a payment request. Perfect for sending e-invoices and chasing up late payments. It's fast, easy and no website required.

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Integrated Payments

Connect the separate payment channels in your business through the cloud and let them start working together. Allowing you to synchronise data, automate reporting and improve efficiencies.

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