Send your customers a pay by link

Fed up with sending invoices and not getting paid? Taking card payments can be as simple as sending your customer a clickable link by email, SMS or social media.

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No website or integration required

With zero technical integration required and no need for a website, taking online payments doesn’t get easier than this. You can be up and running straight away.


Send custom payment links to your customers

Share a unique link that requests the exact payment amount due from your customers. Delivered by our inbuilt SMS, email or WhatsApp sharing functionality.


Save time chasing payments

Initiate a payment request for an outstanding balance that can be made directly from a secure, hosted payment page, specific to that customer.

Every online channel becomes a checkout

When you send a payment link to your customers, you can use any number of digital channels as the vehicle, including: email, text message, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Twitter. All major payment methods, card schemes and currencies are accepted.


Expand your sales funnel

Payment links aren't limited to plain text URLs. We have styling tools to transform your link into a ‘Buy Now’ button to post in e-commerce spaces. This way, you can create a payment page for a specific product or service with a set price point and promote it using the ad facilities within social media.

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How does Pay by Link work?


  1. Log into our merchant portal, where you'll find a toolkit fully equipped with everything you need to accept online payments.

  2. Set up single or recurring payment for one or more customers.

  3. Once you have added their information, you can send them a payment link by email, SMS, WhatsApp or social media.

  4. Your customer clicks the link and is redirected to a Hosted Payment Page, specific to their details and requested payment amount.

  5. From here, they can pay securely by debit card, credit card or digital wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Spend less time chasing payments

It’s simple to set up a recurring or one-off payment that can be sent to your customers via a link. After clicking, they will be directed to a payment page where they can pay securely. This will save you valuable time calling customers with overdue accounts and taking payment over the phone.


High security

By offering a Strong Customer Authentication alternative to taking payments over the phone, or any other Customer Not Present transactions, you'll be giving your business and your customers more security, reducing risk and collecting payments faster.

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0.79% +10p

You can expect to save up to 30% on your current payment gateway fees when you become an RMS member and you'll get a full cost breakdown of everything you're expected to pay.

Other ways to take payments online


Online Payments

Grow your business online 24 hours a day, with our fast and secure payment gateway. Accept online payments through your website from cards and digital wallets in 140+ currencies.

Online payments

Virtual Terminal

Access an 'online card machine' through a PC, smartphone or tablet. Simply log into our secure payment page and enter the customer's payment details. Ideal for accepting card payments over the phone.

Virtual Terminal

Integrated Payments

Connect the separate payment channels in your business through the cloud and let them start working together. Allowing you to synchronise data, automate reporting and improve efficiencies.

Integrated Payments