• Integrate your VX820 terminal with ePos Now 
  • Portable card machine
  • Semi-Integrated Solution

Verifone VX820 | with ePos Now

Before You Begin

Ensure you have the following items: 

• 1x VX820 Verifone card terminal
• 1x Power Cord
• 1x Serial Com Connector

• 1x Epos Now Unit
• 1x Receipt Printer
• 1 x Cash Drawer
• 1 x Power Cord
• 1 x Ethernet Cable

Connecting and Set Up

The VX820 terminal will be fully configured on arrival.

1. You will see your VX820 has a Serial Com Connector coming out of the top of the unit as below.

2. The Com Connector will need connecting into the “Com1 Port” on the Epos Now unit, this is located under the screen as below.



3. Next, we need to connect the Power Unit to the Com Connector, this plugs into the top of the Com Connector as below.

Power on the terminal by holding down the green ENTER button

Allow time for the terminal to power up (approx. 60 seconds) and the Main Menu screen will appear.

4. Our colleagues at Epos Now will now link in your VX820 Verifone card terminal into your Epos Now Unit.

Note: The installation process is carried out remotely at Epos Now and requires no intervention from the user, all that is asked is to connect the Verifone card terminal to a power unit.

Note: A test sale will be carried out to ensure it is functioning correctly.

Contact Information
  • Terminal Setup Team 01908 354 201

    Customer Support Team 01908 354 500 


    Monday to Friday 08.00 am - 08.00 pm
    Saturday 09.00 am - 05.00 pm
    Sunday 10.00 am - 04.00 pm

  • For authorisation issues outside of our working hours call the Elavon Authorisation Line on:
    UK: 0345 850 0197