EPOS system for small businesses

Streamline your business with an integrated EPOS system that take payments, tracks sales and manages your stock all in one place.

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young cafe worker using an epos system to process a card payment

Make smarter business decisions


Packed with the latest tools typically exclusive to the big chains, our EPOS systems scale to the size of your business and serve critical business data, allowing you to make informed decisions on sales, stock and much more.

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epos touch screen terminal
EPOS Now terminal

Touch-screen technology backed up by award-winning EPOS software, from the UK's #1 EPOS provider

contactless card machine
Card machine

Accept all major cards with contactless, Apple Pay & G Pay.


80 mm receipt printer and secure all-metal cash drawer.

ongoing support
Exceptional support

Onsite installation, configuration & 24/7 phone support.


Customisable dashboards

Build custom dashboards to access live, topline business statistics across all your locations without needing to re-run individual static reports.

  • Real-time data insights
  • Sales, products & staff performance
  • Set individual & customised dashboards


Complete stock control

Effectively monitor your inventory levels, whilst keeping your best-selling products on the shelves and retire unnecessary stock takes.

  • Automatically raise purchase orders
  • Monitor wastage & shrinkage
  • Inter-location stock transfer

Integrate 100+ apps

Apps, tools & services to help your business do more with EPOS

Start syncing some of the most popular business applications through your EPOS system, with the widest number of integrations available.

  • Marketing & comms platforms
  • Accounting software
  • In-store loyalty program builders

What's included in the EPOS system?

  • EPOS software & hardware
  • Contactless card machine
  • Receipt printer & cash drawer
  • Ongoing support package


Improve repeat business

Log your customers as they make purchases; allowing you to invoice, give credit and collect crucial contact information to promote your brand.

  • Profile customers by purchase habits
  • Collect essential marketing information
  • Create branded loyalty cards


Improve staff performance

Extensive employee reporting allows you to recognise your best performing staff and highlight areas that need further attention.

  • Staff clocking in & out
  • Generate working hours & pay
  • Track individual upselling performance

EPOS software built around your business


We will equip your EPOS system for small business with only the most relevant tools that work with your staff and deliver the most crucial business data.


bespoke software



Business type:

Shops, trade desks, cash & carry, fashion boutiques, jewellers, mechanics, etc.

  • Barcoding
  • Pay on account
  • Hardware integration
  • Online store integration
  • Powerful promotions
  • Booking system
  • Create & print invoices
  • Stock management


Business type:

Bars, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, cafés, hotels, B&B's, gyms, health spas, etc.

  • Table plan
  • Cloud syncing
  • Printer support
  • Master products
  • Quick login
  • Split bills
  • Online booking
  • Loyalty system


"Adopting EPOS is the most rewarding business decision we have ever made."


"Having the functionality to manage cashflow, stock, and staff for each site simultaneously from my mobile phone has been transformational for me and the business. The time saved and level of accuracy when it comes to everyday tasks like cashing up, ordering stock or onboarding staff members is a major benefit and has made adopting EPOS the most rewarding business decision we have ever made."

Christian Teal, Operations Manager, Embers Camping

EPOS helps campsite streamline growth

 Guests enjoying a campsite party with catering and entertainment

EPOS system frequently asked questions

Are EPOS systems easy to use?

Our intuitive EPOS systems are so simple to use, that your staff can typically be trained in about 15 minutes.

If you need some additional help, there's also a host of online tutorial videos, user guides and a 24/7 support line for ongoing help and coaching, so you’ll never be out on your own.

Want to learn more about our EPOS systems for small business?

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Do I get any support with my EPOS system?

When you receive your EPOS system, you will be assigned a dedicated EPOS account manager for your first 30 days using the system. They will deliver 5 training sessions to you, covering:

  1. Product (hardware) setup
  2. Reporting
  3. Customer data capture
  4. Stock management
  5. Staff management

After 30 days, you can expect to be fully operational. However, in the case that you're not, or you have further questions, there is a 24/7, UK-based support line open to you. Which can offer advice and guidance on the following:

  • Technical support
  • New staff training sessions
  • Integrating new systems
  • Adding new features

The support package is included in the monthly cost of your solution. If you would like to know more, please get in touch below.

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How secure are EPOS systems?

EPOS systems natively keep an accurate tally of your stock in real-time, whether it's being restocked (coming in) or it's being sold (going out). This naturally discourages small incidents of employee theft and reduces shrinkage expenses. Furthermore, you're more likely to notice disparities between the system's reporting and your physical stock count sooner than if you were taking stock counts manually.

With a full Retail Merchant Services EPOS system, you will also receive a PCI-compliant card machine. All of our devices receive customer data and encrypt it before securely sending it to the acquiring bank. This way, data cannot be intercepted between payment systems.

As for user access, you can set different levels of individual authorisation for each of your employees, applying restrictions or authorisations on discounts, refunds and void sales.

To protect yourself from employee fraud, you can block unauthorised access to the system and keep sensitive information only available to the staff that need to see it.

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Will EPOS work across a multi-site business?

Our EPOS systems can be scaled to fit the size of your business, whether you're an independent retail store or a chain of restaurants, and have been proven from 1-1,000 sites.

For example, if you have a 5-site business with an EPOS system in each one, you can create a custom dashboard to monitor activity across all your sites and drill down into the performance of each one.

If you then open a sixth site, the next EPOS system will be set up as a new data point along with the five existing sites.

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Can I add a new card machine to my existing EPOS system?

If you already have an EPOS system in place, but you're looking for a card machine to take payments, a semi-integrated solution could close the loop in your setup.

If you want more information about our semi-integrated solutions, contact our sales team.

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Why do I need to upgrade to an EPOS system?

Would your business be more efficient if your till and card machine could share data with each other? Would your sales increase if transaction times were faster? With an EPOS system, your till and card machine become intrinsically linked, meaning transactions only need to be entered once to be accurately recorded by both devices.

Why upgrade to an EPOS system?
Cafe owner processing a card payment using an EPOS system

What is an EPOS system?

EPOS, sometimes written as 'ePOS' or 'EPoS', stands for 'Electronic Point of Sale'. An EPOS system is defined as any computer based point of sale system, that can either be offline or connected to the internet. The key difference between a traditional POS system and an electronic one, is the software that links the physical hardware to payment processing.

What is an EPOS system?
POS system on a fast food counter with an integrated countertop card machine

What is Point of Sale (POS)?

A point of sale system, often referred to as POS, is a central part of many businesses that operate from stores locally or in city centres. All POS systems are made up of two parts, software and hardware, that work together to provide an all-in-one solution to running your business and taking customer payments.

What is Point of Sale (POS)?