Countertop card machines

If you take payments at the till then this is for you. With a wired connection it's processes payments quickly with reliable connectivity.

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Female business owner using a countertop card machine used to accept a contactless card payment

Step into the world of fast and reliable card payments


Designed to work seamlessly with your till, the countertop card machine is fixed and can be connected using your telephone line or broadband. This card terminal accepts contactless payments as standard – including Apple Pay and Android pay – and enables you to offer your customers cashback, as well as accept deposits and gratuities. The best part? The countertop card machine is our most reliable for connectivity, with payment processing in under two seconds.


“It was very easy to switch. The terminal arrived quickly, the billing is very straightforward, and we’ve literally had no issues whatsoever."

Michael Langford, Golf Professional at Kenwick Park Golf Shop

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