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Stop waiting 3-5 working days for your money. Start getting your funds from card payments in only a matter of hours.

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Same Day Settlement speeds up the delivery of funds from card payments to your bank account, in just a few hours; compared to the normal 3-5 working days typically provided by card processors.

Imagine the impact of not waiting 3-5 days for your money. This could drastically improve cash flow and allow you to start reinvesting money and energy into your business.

Receive your money fast and grow even faster.

Same Day Settlement explained

Our simple definition

'Settlement' is when authorised transactions are sent to the processor for payment to you (the merchant). This typically takes 3-5 working days.

By comparison, 'Same Day Settlement' means you will receive your funds in just a few hours, hence 'Same Day'.


Boost your cash flow


Reinvest in your business

Buy some new stock or give your business premises a facelift with more readily available cash.

Be more productive

Spend less time managing finances and devote more energy to your customers.

Reduce debt

Decrease monthly financial commitments such as high-interest rates, late payment fees and paying suppliers.


This will change your business

Perform your End of Day Banking report (also known as a 'batch') within the time frames listed below, to determine the arrival time of your funds:

Batch Time

Funds Received

11.01 pm - 4.00 am Before 11.00 am start of business
4.01 am - 3.00 pm Before 7.00 pm same day
3.01 pm - 11 .00 pm Before 11.00 am next day

Accept card

Your customers pay by card

Run your End of Day Banking report

Batch your terminal before 3 pm

Get paid

Funds go into your bank before 7 pm the same day


Pay suppliers faster


You could be a pub or restaurant that needs to pay your suppliers on a Tuesday, but you're still waiting for your money from card payments until Wednesday.

Getting your funds the same day could strengthen your supplier relationships and remove some financial pressure.



Buy more stock


Perhaps you're a car dealership and you need the funds from a sale in order to buy your next car. Same Day Settlement can unlock your new inventory and keep your business moving forwards.

✔ Get your money in hours
✔ Reinvest straight away
✔ Keep your business growing

See an instant benefit.


Same Day Settlement will keep your money coming in quickly and frequently, removing the typical settlement times provided by most merchant services providers (3-5 days) and delivering your funds in a matter of hours.

FAQs | Same Day Settlement

How can I get a card machine with Same Day Settlement?

You can get a card machine with Same Day Settlement as part of your RMS membership, along with:

  • Competitive rates on card processing
  • UK-based customer support
  • Exclusive access to small business funding

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Does Same Day Settlement happen automatically?

Your funds will be sent via Same Day Settlement when you run your End of Day Banking report (also known as ‘batching’) on your card machine. Note: This is the case for settling funds from card transactions regardless of their settlement time.

Once your account has Same Day Settlement enabled (we can do this for you), there are no extra steps required on your part.

You may find your terminal is set to auto-batching, in which case you will not need to worry about performing this report on a daily basis.

How quickly will I receive my money?

With Same Day Settlement, you will always receive your money in a matter of hours, but the exact time your funds get delivered to your bank account will depend on what time your terminal is batched.

Batch your card machine within the time frames below to receive your funds at the respective times:

Batch Time

Funds Received

11.01 pm - 4.00 am Before 11.00 am start of business
4.01 am - 3.00 pm Before 7.00 pm same day
3.01 pm - 11 .00 pm Before 11.00 am next day
What are the benefits of Same Day Settlement?

Same Day Settlement will improve cash flow in your business. Receiving your money from card transactions faster, means that you will be able to:

  • Reinvest in your business with readily-accessible funds; whether it’s new stock, staff intake, promotional material or building renovations.

  • Reduce stress brought on by financial commitments with time constraints such as paying suppliers, high-interest rates and late payment fees.

  • Spend less time managing finances and concentrate on growing your business.
Can I get Same Day Settlement if I’m already an RMS member?

For most RMS members, we can simply enable Same Day Settlement on your account. However, there are some exceptions depending on your account type and which acquiring bank you use.

The good news is, if you don’t qualify for Same Day Settlement, you may still be eligible for ‘Next Day Settlement’; which delivers your funds from card payments within 24 hours.

If you’re an existing customer looking to get Same Day Settlement, please contact our Customer Support team.

Some Small Print

*Same Day Settlement, alternatively known as 'Faster Payments', is a product provided by Elavon Financial Services DAC. You may be subject to a monthly fee and/or processing charge for the use of this product, depending on the terms of your RMS membership agreement.

Get your money faster

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