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The Henderson Insurance Broking Group is amongst the Top 6 independent insurance brokers in the UK, operating from 15 offices across the country. Bridging the gap between small local brokers and large multinational corporations, with a success based on professionalism, independence and a commitment to their clients.


Established for 27 years in the Lincolnshire area, the Henderson Group have been accepting card payments for approximately 7 or 8 years and on average, take 20-25 card transactions on a daily basis.


As a member for over 2 years, the Henderson Group mentioned the ease of their switch to Retail Merchant Services, the simplicity of the paperwork and the setup turnaround speed.

“We were with another provider previously, but were recommended by an existing client. The main reason for switching to RMS, was that they could show us a good saving on the rates we were paying with our previous provider.” - Sam Beal, Henderson Insurance Group

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