Why do I need to upgrade to Epos?

Small business owners are finding that their business is easier to manage when they upgrade to an EPOS system. Once set up, transactions are faster and time consuming tasks are eliminated. If you are a small business considering whether EPOS is right for you, this article will help.

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Why do I need to upgrade to Epos?

7 February 2022

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With an EPOS system, your till and terminal are intrinsically linked, meaning that transactions only need to be entered once to be accurately recorded by both devices. This improves customer experience, data accuracy, and financial records, making it easier to transact, spot errors, and ultimately balance the books.


Designed to sit at the centre of your business, an EPOS system will also help you to better understand customers, manage staff, sales, data and payments, from anywhere.

What is an EPOS system?

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) combines hardware and software to help small businesses operate in a more streamlined way. Unlike traditional till systems, EPOS systems not only record transactional information but can also generate detailed reports so that you are in full control of your business.


Why should I consider EPOS for my business?


EPOS systems provide detailed reporting on the metrics that matter to you. Customised reports can be tailored to suit your business and help you to identify opportunities for improvement with accurate and reliable financial reporting. 

What can I expect if I upgrade to an EPOS system?


1. Understand your customers better with EPOS.

  • How well do you know your customers?
    • Who are they?
    • What do your customers buy and when?
    • How often do they buy?

An EPOS system enables you to access and analyse detailed customer data that will inform business decisions whilst simultaneously providing insight as to how you might better serve your loyal customers in the way they want to be served. Accurate customer insight will help to maximise sales potential with timely promotions and customer loyalty campaigns, encouraging repeat business.


2. Maximise sales opportunities with EPOS.

  • Could you easily identify your top performing products?
    • Which product categories consistently do well?
    • Can you identify sales and profit trends?
    • Are you maximising profit potential?

An EPOS system gives you the backing of reliable financial reporting that can help you to monitor sales and profit trends in real time from anywhere. Make data-driven decisions about which products to stock and promote so that you never miss an opportunity to sell more. You can even automate your reporting to alert you when stocks are low.


3. Manage staff performance with EPOS.

  • Are you serving your staff in a way that makes them want to work harder for you?
    • Do you measure and track staff performance?
    • Do you struggle to manage work schedules?
    • Are you optimising workplace efficiencies?

Use an EPOS system to identify your top performing staff, manage shift patterns and improve efficiency, with evidence based metrics. If you are a small business considering an upgrade to EPOS, visit our website (LINK below) for more detailed information.

Why has there never been a better time to upgrade to an EPOS system?


The business benefits of upgrading to an EPOS system cannot be disputed, and with support and guidance, you could be up and running within a matter of days.

What’s more, it has never been more cost-effective for small businesses to upgrade to an EPOS system. We are passionate about supporting our customers to thrive and work smarter, and along with our partners can help you to access the latest EPOS technology at a price that you can live with.

Read our case study for more information about how one of our customers upgraded to EPOS during a quiet period with magnificent results. If you would like a free quote or more information on our EPOS systems, please complete the form linked below:


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