3 steps to prepare your card machine for reopening

With lock down being incrementally lifted, we want to share some advice on how to ensure your card machine is ready for commencing business, in 3 steps.

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3 steps to prepare your card machine for reopening

8 June 2020

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More than half of all payments taken in the UK last year were made by card and contactless methods, making Britain a majority card-based society, even before COVID-19¹. Fast forward to present time, the coronavirus has massively accelerated the move away from cash and will undoubtedly change consumer behaviour when the UK and Ireland finally reach a state of ‘normality’.

Card machine handled with protective rubber gloves

With lock down now being incrementally lifted in varying capacities across different countries, hopefully you are starting to plan for the reopening of your physical premises to the public. Before you start trading, we want to share some advice on how to ensure your card machine is ready for commencing business, in 3 steps.

Step 1. Download the latest software for your card machine

When our card machines are in continuous use, they automatically update to maintain the latest features, performance, and security. However, if your card machine has been unused for a substantial amount of time (e.g. over the lock down period), it will not have had the opportunity to update.

In order to update your card machine with the latest software, you will need to run a download manually. The latest software releases include:

  • Increasing your contactless limit to £45 (€50 euro in IRE)
  • General stability improvements

For a guide on how to run a software update on your card machine, follow the link below:

Download latest software

Note: for merchants with using a Verifone V240m card machine, you will receive specific instructions by email. 



Step 2. Run a test transaction

Once you have completed your software update, it’s always a good idea to run a test sale transaction of £0.01 / €0.01 using a card to ensure everything is running smoothly before reopening.

Card machine user guides for performing basic functions and features can be found here:

→ User guides

If the transaction fails, please contact us via live chat, or alternatively, call us on 01908 354 500 (UK) / (01) 485 4946 (IRE).

Step 3. Clean the card machine

Not every card transaction will be contactless, so with public health in mind, it’s crucial to clean your card machine before reopening and frequently throughout your working day. We recommend the following steps to clean and sanitise your terminal:

  1. Turn off your card machine and unplug it from the power source.

  2. Card machines should only be gently cleaned to remove dirt, residue or debris using a lightly water-dampened, clean microfiber cloth.

  3. One or two drops of pH-neutral, non-scrubbing soap may be used. Do not use solvents, harsh detergents, or abrasive cleaners.

  4. After cleaning, the terminal may be sanitised using an alcohol-based wipe (always dispose of the alcohol wipe after use) or appropriate alcohol-based cleaner (approx. 70-90% strength isopropyl alcohol) applied to a microfiber cloth.

  5. Apply gently; do not scrub. Isopropyl alcohol applied to a clean microfiber cloth may be used on touch panel displays, but never press hard on displays.

  6. Once completely dry, reconnect it to power and power up.

To avoid damage when cleaning your card machine:

  • DO NOT pour liquid onto the terminal

  • DO NOT put hand sanitiser on the terminal

  • DO NOT spray the terminal directly

  • DO NOT scrub the terminal with a brush or scourer

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¹Source: ft.com