Luck of Louth

A niche independent retailer, Luck of Louth offer an unparalleled selection of ladies and gentlemen's clothing, country wear and footwear.

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Accepting card payments for over 29 years

Whether you need an all-weather coat, jacket or a premium quality pair of shoes, Jim Luck and his staff offer an unparalleled selection of clothing and country wear products.


Luck of Louth has been accepting debit and credit cards for 29 years since their opening in 1985 and take around 500 card transactions every month. Most of their business is transacted by card; a business model that suits the Luck of Louth for its security, speed and convenience. 



“I would have no hesitation in recommending Retail Merchant Services to any other business, on the basis of their professionalism and the level of service we get from the representation.”

- Jim Luck, Lucks of Louth

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